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Summer Camp 2022!

Counselor Application
Assistant Cook Application
Dining Hall Staff Application
Camp Nurse Application
Maintenance Assistant Application
Camp Lifeguard Application

If you wish to apply or have questions  about the job offerings, please contact the Camp Director, Jay Curley.

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Summer 2022 Information

We are looking for some key staff members to help us in the summer of 2022.  We are hiring Counselors/Program Staff and Service Staff to help us run our Summer Camp Program at Eagle Crest Camp.  

Program Overview:
This year we will only have 3 weeks of youth camp (after a week of training) and one family camp all happening in the month of July.  Counselors will be helping with camper supervision in and out of the cabin as well as helping with planned activities.  They will be partnering with other church leaders and Salvation Army officers to provide this Christian Ministry to children from around the area.  

The schedule would look as follows: 
May 30th-June 4th ~ Camp Orientation Training
June 6th-June 25th ~ Overnight Youth Camps: 4-Day Teen Camp, 3-Day Youth Camp, 8-Day Music Camp
Counselors would be hired to stay in cabin groups to supervise and lead children through spiritual discussions and the various camp activities on site.  
June 27th-June 30th ~ Family Camp
Program Staff would be tasked to prepare and lead activities for our guests sort of like retreat staff.  Engaging with families. 

Hiring Expectations: Counselors
Our counselors would be over 18 and would commit to being here for training week and either the first 3 weeks of camp (May 30th-June 25th).  This is a paid "volunteer" position.  Counselors would be paid for their training and each week they worked; $400-800 a week plus food and accommodations.  Our summer staff counselors are providing an important ministry to the youth and families on camp.  They must have some "spiritual maturity" (meaning that they desire to model the standards presented in the Bible) and have a desire to grow in the faith.  They will also be given structure to engage in Bible Study and Discipleship Courses that are geared to provide for their own life training; a course to help cultivate future Christian Leadership.

Hiring Expectations: Service Staff Members
Other positions needed for the summer are Kitchen Service Staff.  These members of the summer team provide all the help needed in the kitchen to clean up and set up for meals.  They will be asked to engage in some evening programs or help set up program events on the side as well.  The service staff are 16 years of age or older and have some spiritual maturity and a desire to grow in the Christian Leadership as well.  They would also be trained and paid for each week of work at camp; $300-600 per week plus food and accommo

Counselors and Service Staff could also help as a lifeguard.  They would have to get a certification prior to training but would get extra compensation for the added role and the training they achieved.  

If you have any questions regarding these positions or would be interested in applying, please contact one of our leadership staff members (Our Divisional Youth Secretary, Captain Betsy Rae and/or our Camp Director, Jay Curley).  

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