Summer Camp 2021!

Camp is operating in limited capacity this summer due to the health restrictions.  However, we are still putting together what we are calling CORPS Retreats.  These retreats are smaller 3 day camps in which individual Salvation Army Corps come in reduced capacity to participate in our "camp" program.  We are trying to pack those 3 days with as much of what camp can offer so that campers will be able to get as much out of their experience as they can. 


Each Salvation Army Corps (and some extension centers) have had the opportunity to schedule their Summer retreats during the summer.  However, not all Corps are participating this year.  The list of Corps participating and their dates are listed below.  

How to register for camp?

To register your child to come to camp, please contact your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center or Service Extension Unit (not one of our Thrift Stores or Adult Rehabilitation Centers).  For a list of sites within our division, click the links below:

Illinois     Eastern Iowa

If you are not sure, please call (309) 655-7220 and ask for the Youth Department.

Iowa Corps Retreats:

Cedar Rapids ~ July 5-7

Davenport ~ June 24-26

Dubuque ~ June 7-9

Iowa City ~ June 21-23

Keokuk ~ June 24-26

Muscatine ~ June 7-9

Waterloo ~ July 5-7

Illinois Corps Retreats:

Bloomington ~ June 21-23

Decatur ~ June 14-16

Champaign ~ July 20-22

Kewanee ~ July 20-22

Lincoln ~ July 8-10

Springfield ~ July 12-14

Sterling/Rock Falls ~ June 28-30