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Group Meeting Spaces

Spaces for 350 (or more) but also more intimate spaces available for smaller groups.

Crest Hall  The Chapel & Meeting Rooms 

  • Large meeting room and all-purpose facility

  • Seating available for more than 300 people

  • Access to a variety of tables for configuration

  • Audio and visual system with two projectors/screens 

  • Adjustable Stage and Room lighting

  • Stage and band equipment available (check for offerings) 

  • 6 classrooms that can be accessed from both inside the hall or from outside the building.   

    • Each classroom has a wall mounted TV/DVD and Whiteboard. 

    • Capacity of each classroom is approximately 25.  Crest Hall has a large foyer with restrooms.

Dining Hall   Cafeteria & Kitchen 

  • Large space with adjustable seating arrangements 

  • Seating available for more than 250 people

  • Speaker/audio system 

  • Access to fridge space in kitchen 

  • Kitchen & Food Service available for additional costs
  • ​Public bathroom facilities

Eagle's Nests   Meadowlark & Chickadee Meeting Rooms

  • Moderate sized meeting space for up to 40

  • Each space has a working gas fireplace, mounted TV/DVD and whiteboards

  • Typically comes furnished with some couches and is equipped with tables and chairs for 30 people    (various set up arrangements are available)

  • Each space has a bathroom as well as a mini-fridge, sink and counter-top microwave.  

  • Each meeting space also is connected to set of cabins 

Additional Spaces

  • CUCKOO'S NEST LOUNGE (Capacity about 25) -

    • Small meeting space with couches. 

    • Regular sized fridge, counter space, microwave, and toaster oven

    • Mounted TV/DVD on wall.

  • KOEHLER'S LANDING / GAME ROOM (Capacity about 25) 

    • recreational hall with options for meeting

    • kitchen counter space (no fridge or appliances available)

    • contains an arts and crafts area, pool table, carpetball table, ping pong table, fooseball and airhockey tables, and an outdoor recreation closet.

  • CAMPFIRE AREAS (Capacity 150 each) -

    • Two outdoor meeting areas each with fire pit, stage, and rustic bench seating. 

    • Free to use for overnight guests; firewood included


    • Seating for 50 of more​

    • Serving tables and grill available 


    • White Gazebo ​near cross

    • Waterloo Pavilion

    • Swinging Campfire Benches 

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