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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see a camper registration form. 

How do I register my kid for summer camp?

We are a Salvation Army camp.  All of our summer campers come to us by way of our various Salvation Army Corps Community Centers and Service Extension Units located throughout Central Illinois and Eastern Iowa. 


To register your child to come to camp, please contact your local Salvation Army Corps Community Center or Service Extension Unit (not one of our Thrift Stores or Adult Rehabilitation Centers!). 


Click on the "Eastern Iowa Corps" or "Central Illinois Corps" tabs on the map to see a listing of The Salvation Army Corps Community Centers (or Service Extension Unit) in your area, their addresses, and phone numbers.  


If you are not sure, please call (309) 655-7220 and ask for the Youth Department.

 = Location of a Salvation            Army Corps

 = Location of a Salvation Army      Service Extension Unit

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

The Heartland Lodge Rooms and Suites, Sparrow House, and Cuckoo's Nest Bedroom all come with pillows, bedding, and towel service.  Our cabins and cabin end rooms do not.  You will want to bring your own bedding for those accommodations. A very limited supply of bedding or a sleeping bag is available to rent if you forget yours @ $5 each set.

What about toiletries?

You will want to bring your own.  We will soon have a Camp Store that will allow you to be able to purchase toiletries and other items but not yet.

May I bring alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products to camp?

Over the counter medications, prescription medications in their original containers, wine for use in a communion service, and cigarette smoking in designated areas are the only drugs and alcohol allowed on camp.  During summer camps, the camp nurse will dispense medication according to the doctors' prescribed orders to the campers/staff and the medication will be kept under lock and key.

May I bring personal sports equipment & other personal items to camp?

We have a fully stocked sports and recreation closet, most everything you will need is already available here.  However, you may bring pre-approved personal possessions at your own risk and must be used safely and as intended by the manufacturer.  Please contact us BEFORE bringing personal recreational items to camp; we'll let you know if you can or can't.  Summer campers MAY NOT bring radios, TVs, electronics (such as video games, iPods, etc.), cell phones, or anything of value to you that you do not want to lose or get damaged.

What is your vehicle policy?

Keeping the safety of our guests and campers in mind and to protect our beautiful camp from damage, the following vehicle guidelines are in place:

  • Only camp owned and operated vehicles may go "off road" (usually golf carts)...even then, just because something can be driven on the grass doesn't mean it should be.  Please stay on the roads.

  • Personally owned vehicles driven to camp should be parked in designated parking spots and not along the road.  Your luggage and bedding, etc. should be carried to your lodging from those designated parking areas.  Exceptions will be made for unloading and loading of vehicles based on the physical ability of the guest or camper and the amount/size of items being unloaded and loaded.  Once items are unloaded, all vehicles should remained parked during the course of the event or camp.  Since the Heartland Lodge is so far away from the main camp, vehicles may be driven back and forth as needed but please park in designated areas and walk from there.  And please stay off the grass and drive no faster than 10 MPH.  There is a beautiful walking path, stairs, and bridge between the main camp and the Heartland Lodge, those that are able are encouraged to walk.

  • Golf carts are available to rent at $15 per cart per day.  A people mover is available for camps with large numbers of elderly or infirmed guests.

May I bring pets to camp?

The short answer...NO!  Service animals are allowed but the owner must pick up after and is responsible for the service animal.  Please keep leashed.

May I hunt on camp property or do recreational shooting of firearms?

Eagle Crest Camp is Private Property and a Gun-Free Zone (Licensed Concealed Carry Guests know what this means...if in doubt, ask).  INVITED hunters and recreational shooters are authorized ONLY after seeking and being granted permission and after signing all pertinent waivers.  No hunting or firearms shooting are EVER allowed on or near the upper part of camp where all the buildings and most activities take place. In 99% of the cases no hunting or firearms shooting in the lower part of camp will take place during guest groups retreats and NEVER during summer kids camps.  Bottom line is that camp is private property and nobody is allowed to possess or discharge firearms on camp property without written permission and according to our rules.

What about your Air Rifle Range?  Archery Range?

Two of our most popular recreational activities are our air rifle and archery ranges.  The "air" guns we use are not firearms (no "fire" or combustion is used to propel the projectile...only compressed air).  This makes our air rifles safe to use under the supervision of one of our trained Basic Air Rifle Instructors. Parents should rest assured that we run a very safe (and fun) range.  Same thing for our archery range.  Our trained Basic Archery Instructors run a very safe (and fun) range. 

My kid is registered for summer camp.  What should (s)he bring?

First and foremost a great attitude! Bible, Sleeping Bag & Pillow, 2 Towels (1 for bathing and 1 for the pool), Washcloth, Soap, Toothpaste/Tooth Brush, Brush/Comb, Comfortable Clothes (No Short Shorts, No Halter/Bikini/Spaghetti Strap Tops), Sweatshirt, Jacket or Sweater, Pajamas, Underwear and Socks, Tennis Shoes, Swimming Suit (No Two-Piece Suits), Flashlight, Sunscreen/Mosquito Repellent, Umbrella/Raincoat, Extra Shoes (Note: to participate in most of our recreation activities campers must be wearing closed-toe footwear).  For High Adventure Camp: Compass, Whistle, and a Backpack.  For Music Camp: a Musical Instrument (if an instrumental student). One Large Bag works better than multiple small bags for both hauling luggage to and from cabins and to help keep the cabin tidy and organized. MARK YOUR CHILD'S THINGS (Permanent Marker, Colored String, etc.).  Include a packing list to help your young camper take home the things (s)he brought.  Lost and Found items left at camp at the end of the week gets washed and is donated to The Salvation Army!

How big is Eagle Crest Camp and am I free to go anywhere?

Eagle Crest Camp is 297 acres of mostly wooded river valley.  For your safety and to be good stewards of the property, guests should remain on the main camp and/or on the clearly marked trails.  We have very steep ravines, lots of poison ivy, and potentially dangerous natural woodland habitats.

How many staff should we bring to supervise our youth for our event?

We advise rental groups that:

  • Ratios of your staff who are on duty with campers in units or living groups and in general camp activities should meet the following minimums

5 years and younger, 1:5 - staff:camper ratio
6–8 years, 1:6 - staff:camper ratio
9–14 years, 1:8 - staff:camper ratio
15–18 years, 1:10 - staff:camper ratio

5 years and younger, 1:6 - staff:camper ratio
6–8 years, 1:8 - staff:camper ratio
9–14 years, 1:10 - staff:camper ratio
15–18 years, 1:12 - staff:camper ratio

An exception to these ratios is the 1:25 lifeguard(spotter):swimmer ratio at pool (one of whom should be an adult) and each group should identify their own exceptions to these ratios and share with the Eagle Crest Camp staff to make sure Eagle Crest Camp concurs with the exceptions proposed.

  • 80% of your staff be 18 years or older

  • All of your staff should be at least sixteen (16) years of age and at least two (2) years older than the minors with whom they are working

  • you should provide training to all of your staff to minimize the potential of any of your personnel being in a one on one camper/personnel situation when out of sight of others.

  • A minimum of two of your staff members be present in all activities, locations, or situations

  • Eagle Crest Staff is here to serve you and make your stay as safe and pleasant as possible, however, we do not directly supervise your campers outside of the well-defined specialized activities we might be asked to run (like paintball, archery, air rifles, low ropes team building, or high ropes adventure); Eagle Crest Staff is trained to bring any observed misbehavior, unsafe practices, etc. during general and unstructured camp activities to the attention of the Eagle Crest Camp staff member on duty as the host for the event who will then bring these to the group leader to deal with (the exception being emergency situations at which time they are trained to act immediately).

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