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Group Self-Preparation

Kitchen Rentals

  • Groups can rent the use of the main camp kitchen & have full access to the appliances, dishes, pots/pans, and many of the amenities

  • Groups can also rent the Sparrow house (which has a full kitchen), rent one of our Hotel suits with a kitchenette, or utilize one of the meeting spaces to serve their bought/prepared meals from home

  • Some restrictions apply

Outdoor Grill Use 

  • Groups can use our grills for free if they bring their own charcoal or propane gas containers

  • A small charge can be made if we provide the fuel 

  • Groups may also cook over any campfires that they make in designated areas

Food Preparation 

  • Groups can ask for use of some fridge space or ice to fill coolers

  • Foods already prepared or bought are allowed 

  • Groups are allowed to use slow cookers, instapots, or other devices that do not use an open flame to prepare their food inside our buildings

Eagle Crest Dining

  • Our staff can arrange and prepare food for over 300 people 

  • Offer a variety of menu items served buffet style or cafeteria style for groups

  • No need for groups to prepare a menu, shop, cook, serve or clean up so the groups can focus on relaxing & gaining more from camp 

  • No kitchen use rental fee & access to coffee, juice, & toast bar 


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