Our Team. Here to Serve You! It's Our Pleasure!

Our dedicated staff is here to serve you and make sure that your stay at Eagle Crest Camp is a wonderful experience.  Let us help you make your next group outing an opportunity to refresh, reconnect and relax.

Jay Curley

Jay is our Camp Director.  He has oversight over the entire camp and ensures that the Christian mission of the Salvation Army ministry is present and visible in every aspect and service of our camp.  He also oversees continued compliance of all ACA accreditation standards to ensure maximized camp and retreat center experience.

Jay will also help coordinate the scheduling of any groups wishing to use our facilities.  


Kathy Bowald

Kathy is our Food Service Specialist.  She helps create the menu and makes some great food for our groups.  


Mark Andrews

Mark is our Program Director.  He's the fun guy!  He runs and maintains all the program activities on sight and is a manager of the Summer Camp Program.  He also helps oversee marketing projects and works with any guest groups to make their experience better.  


Anthony Cox

Anthony is our Camp Property Manager.  He is in charge of all things relating to the camp property: preventative maintenance, construction projects, contractor bids, site inspections, recommendations, and oversees cleaning.


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The Salvation Army Eagle Crest Camp

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Our Mission:

Eagle Crest Camp, a ministry of The Salvation Army, exists to provide an opportunity for all to encounter Jesus Christ and enrich their lives through exposure to God's Word, His Creation, and His People.